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A couple of links for all to enjoy

  • My Marla Picture Page
  • The trip to Boston
  • The trip to Catalina
  • Check out my fish tank
  • My unforgettable flight in the YAK 52 Fighter/Trainer
  • The Trip to Mexico
  • The Original and New and Improved Phatty Daddy Pages by Monko and Block
  • These two are pretty funny: Simpsons Stuff and Ghetto Delta
  • This is pretty funny too: The End of the World
  • Some Computer Humor
  • We're gonna need more Cowbell
  • The President and Condi... Hu's on first
  • Terry Gross's Interview with Borat: Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen

  • The "Lazy Videos"
  • The Original East Coast, SNL Vid - Lazy Sunday
  • The West Coast response - Lazy Monday
  • What the Midwest had to say - Lazy Muncie

  • More SNL: What in a box?

  • And finally, My resume for your reading pleasure